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    12 July at 11:03 from atlas

    "Brain2Brain" - Enacting Client Change Through the Persuasive Power of Neuroscience. - John B. Arden

    I am just getting into this amazing , intelligently written book which explores the use of neurobiological information for use in the therapeutic setting. 

    "Think Like A Freak" - Levitt & Dubner.

    Fans of the 'Freakonomics Radio' podcasts will know these guys - they are funny, interesting & always make you think. Their first book is amazing - the research into the root cause of the 'why' of a question or historical event - will blow you away. I am always agog at how much trouble some writers have to go to when researching a topic and this book contains dozens of different topics that have shaped the way the world has become.   


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