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Discover who you are truly capable of becoming - Your new identity may be revealed bit by bit as you remove the pieces that are no longer relevant.

I am Rob Montgomery - Director of MPRO. I am a clinical psychotherapist and counsellor and certified business coach. My service focuses upon personal wellness, growth & creativity. I will explore creativity links & also ease the anxiety of growth and change - which challenges our assumptions of who we are and who we are yet to become.

My home office is located in EAST RYDE where parking and public transport is NOT a problem.

I will utilise an eclectic modality mix along with a neuro-psychological approach and genetic imprint and personality profiling techniques to investigate a client's history and map out a solution-focused plan.

I have a Research Masters Degree in Applied Psychotherapy - Diploma in Health & Personal Wellness Counselling - Coaching and Mediation Certificates.

I continue to develop my knowledge and skill with Continuous Personal Development and I maintain Professional memberships.

Clinical Member of Psychotherapists & Counselling Federation of Australia - Member Australian Counselling Assoc. - Member Professional Counselling Assoc.


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